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Holden Dynamics Pty Ltd's Principal, Mr Carl Holden, has been deeply involved with managing projects for over 40 years.

"To mastermind a project, from its earliest beginnings, dealing with sometimes substantive issues that leave others scratching their heads, finding solutions (usually thinking outside the square) and take it right through to a successful implementation, is a real buzz" says Carl.

Areas of expertise include:

Strategic Project Management

IT Project Management

Aviation Project Management

Automotive Project Management

Media Project Management

Government Relations Project Management

Litigation Project Management

Personnel Project Management

New Business Start-Up Project Management

Marketing Project Management

Electro-Acoustic Project Management

Electronics Manufacturing Project Management

.... and more

Whether its managing the R&D and implementation of a new Community Engagement or e-Commerce Web Portal, setting up a new IT system, managing the R&D and manufacturing project for Aircraft Electronics certification or project managing the development and implementation of a new Training system, we can help !

Our Internet IT Strategic Project Management skills have been honed over many years of work.

Strategic Project Management Papers:

Our thinking and methodology is best illustrated in a paper (2005) by Professor Sebastian Green
Head of Management and Marketing, University College Cork Ireland.
"Strategic Project Management:
from maturity model to star project leadership" click here to read/download

Strategic Project Management A Competitive Advantage
Ed Naughton with Professor Sebastian Green

What is Stategic Project Management ?

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