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"Life is all about Communication"

Holden Dynamics has over 30 years of practical "hands on" experience with Communications. Whether physical (Aircraft and Automotive) or sensory (Audio Technologies, Multimedia Production, Radio and Television Broadcasting, Computing, Networking and from the mid 90's, Internet Services) we cover a comprehensive range of specialities..

* High Noise Voice Communications
* Black to Extreme (Military) Noise Voice Communications
* Reverse Engineering
* Circuit Design and Prototyping
* Acoustic Surveys
* Aviation Comms & Training
* Radio & Television Broadcast
* Internet & VoIP
* Communications Training
* OH&S Hearing Protection Consultancy and Training
* Manual Preparation and Technical Writing

We have expanded our capabilities beyond our original core (Electro-acoustic) business, primarily from customer requests, to meet their increasingly complex and diverse needs. Our philosophy includes thinking "outside the square", taking a hands-on practical approach whilst maintaining our technological focus and results oriented style.

Carl Holden in the Main Anechoic Chamber, National Acoustic Laboratories.

Carl Holden in front of Client's (US Army) High Speed Transport Catamaran.
We designed customised high noise environment Headsets for their special Comms systems.


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