Aerospace Overview

Holden Dynamics has over 3 decades experience with Aviation, Flight Training and Aviation Communications.

Flight Training:
As one of the Pioneers of the Recreational Flight Training movement in the early 1980's, we trained people to learn to fly or converted many older Pilots over to the "new generation" of Aircraft.

Now 3 decades on, we are highly regarded for our knowledge, skill and expertise in the field.

Air Safety Expert:
Our Company principal, Carl Holden, is regarded as an "Air Safety Expert", and Holden Dynamics are actively engaged in case management and expert witness opinion and testimony.
Carl holds a "Pilot Examiner" rating, meaning he checks and recommends current and "will be" Instructors, Senior Instructors and Chief Flying Instructors.

Aviation Communications:

We combined our Electronics, Acoustic and Aircraft Communications knowledge and skills, and manufactured Australia's first (and ongoing) High Noise environment Aircraft Headsets, over 3 decades ago.

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